March 2022

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Tahagag Advocates and Legal

Tahagag Advocates and Legal Consultations is one of the first leading law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tahagag Firm includes lawyers, consultants, arbitrators, experts and several highly qualified lawyers, consultants, and legal experts with good experience in various legal fields.  We aspire to achieve the advancement of this profession in order to offer our partners a sophisticated model of legal services on the best international and local standards. We emphasize on commitment to global standards and consider client interests.

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Nojoum Al Salam Real Estate

Nojoum Al Salam Real Estate was established as Al Salam Group for Investment and Real Estate Development in the city of Riyadh by Sheikh Jarallah bin Abdullah Al-Adeeb in the year 1413 AH, thanks to God, it raced ahead in a short period until it became a holding company in 1436 AH. It manages real estate, marketing and commercial companies and expands its activities and projects day after day.

Its investments and projects of Nojoum Al Salam Holding Company extend to all parts of the Kingdom, as its real estate investments are in Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, Khobar, Qassim, Zulfi and others. Nojoum Al Salam has properties also in Bahrain and Europe.

During the course of 30 years, the company, thankfully, achieved more than 450 huge real estate projects that varied from residential schemes, industrial schemes, ownership apartments, residential and commercial buildings, gas stations, malls, commercial halls, markets, wedding palaces, chalets, rest houses, cafes, and sports clubs.

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4explain a brand owned by JWAN Holding company in the field of information technology, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship solution.

Jwan Holding company, Riyadh-based was established in 2000 in the name of JWAN Technology Company, and in 2010 it was transformed into the JWAN Holding Company to manage a group of its subsidiaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Egypt.

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Ishraqat Group

Ishraqat Group is a group of traveling exhibitions around the world organized and lead by Malak Al Owaisi in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, under the supervision of consultants specialized in organizing international exhibitions to become exhibitions according to international standards in addition to hold events inside and outside the Kingdom and creating memberships for those interested in fine art and artwork. Organized more than 30 exhibitions and events in KSA and UAE.

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Wownon Real Estate Development and Investment

Wownon Real Estate Development and Investment is the first and most recent in the field of buying and selling land and real estate, dividing it, off-plan sales, managing and renting owned or leased properties, (residential or non-residential).

A real estate in a collaboration with Royal Families for buying, selling, and renting all types of real estate and land.

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Enspire Group

Enspire Group, based in Dubai, UAE, is managing and preserving the country’s wealth and its government with the capabilities and confidence to achieve long-term economic growth, beyond what is imagined possible. Enspire Group is in the business of building INSTITUTIONS & INFRASTRUCTURE with the singular ambition of energizing and mobilizing the resources of entire countries to create new prosperity.

Enspire Group collaborates with WORLD LEADERS, bringing together public and private enterprise, to build the economic architecture that enables sustainable, long term growth with over 30 years of experience in banking and investments.

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